Mother Nature isn’t quite done with us yet….



I guess it was just wishful thinking that our clocks springing forward meant spring was really here.  After some gorgeous days to tease us, winter is back with a vengeance.  Not that our pups mind a bit of a blizzard, for them it means a snow day for their humans (the lucky ones at least) with lots of romping in the snow and cuddling indoors after.  For a photographer, it means one more chance for portraits in beautiful snowy landscapes.  While I don’t plan to be out shooting tomorrow, I’m not that crazy :-). I do have availability for sessions later in the week (and with the snow totals they’re predicting, I think the snow will be with us at least that long).  Contact me to set up a session today!

Stay safe tomorrow,  have fun with your pups and hopefully spring really is just around the corner.